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No time to come to Japan and dismantle?- We do everything for you. It is nowadays common for buyers to stay in Japan for sometimes then dismantle cars by parts then load them to containers. However, it is costly and someimes not efficient as you think. Well, do you know that we can help. Our professional teams know how to dismantle cars. Nosecuts, Doors, Bonnets, Used Engines, and even Rear Side Fender Cuts. Then we can load containers for you.


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We have complete cars coming from dealers, local individuals, and also car auctions. Those cars are to be dismantled for export. And we usually offer 1 shot price which includes cost for dismantling. All cars will be dismantled by our skillful staff according to your request of which parts you need. We can even remove pipes of air conditions and even smaller parts. All parts will be secured in metal box until the shipment is ready.


Nosecuts and Parts

We also have vast quantities of parts such as nosecuts, bonnets, doors, as well as small parts such as AC control switch, wiper motors, window regulators etc. All items are in our original database so that we can let you know availability. And of course each parts are marked as models and name of cars.

Repuestos Usados

Used Engines

We have all kind of used Japanese engines. Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu. All engines are started and checked condition by smoke color ( White or Black ), milage, sound. However we cannot open every engines and check the inside of engines. Most engines come with computer box and wire harness.



We have a large number of halfcuts. You can take as halfucts, or you can also ask us to dismantl halfcuts by parts.